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Ramadhan Table

Hi! Still here. For 4 more days anyway. In the last months my biggest accomplishments have been building a magazine with my Access students and helping start-up an American Corner in Sfax with my partner Faouzi Hakim. Yesterday was the beginning … Continue reading

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Harvesting Wheat

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated, one more week of classes at the Bourghuiba School and then I’ll start preparing for the dreaded two-day exam. Five hours of straight studying every morning is usually followed by a nap in … Continue reading

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Tunisian Smida Bread

Since it’s been raining a lot my mother-in-law has been cooking up a storm in the kitchen and the past few days I’ve spent eating all of it luxuriously in bed. Today, I felt well enough to join her in … Continue reading

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One of my favorite snacks is Chapati, with the dough rolled and shaped in front of you and filled with your choice of ingredients – egg, tuna, mozzarella cheese, capers, harissa, and mozzarella cheese being standard options. Then it’s folded … Continue reading

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Beef for dinner?

The first time I walked past a butcher in Sfax, I was traumatized. The decapitated head of a cow made me want to run the other way, not walk into the store and buy some beef. As time has passed I’ve … Continue reading

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The Mouled

It’s my second time experiencing the Mouled in Tunisia, an Islamic holiday which celebrates the birth of the Prophet. Tunisians celebrate this day by making assida. So, I started my day off with a big bowlful. Assida is a sweet … Continue reading

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Multi-Culturalism in Sfax

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This week I saw a completely different side of Sfax. Friday I went to a dance performance showcasing the African-Islamic tradition of Istambeli. The show started outside the theater with a visit from Busadia. After some drumming and dancing we went … Continue reading

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Today is day 1 of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, during which time Muslims abstain from eating or drinking during the day. I arrived in Tunisia the last day of the previous Ramadan and will never forget my first … Continue reading

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Tunisians really love…

canned tuna!

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Making Aseeda

Today I celebrated the birth of the prophet Mohammed with my friend Hanen and her neice Freeya by making aseeda: a brown seed that transforms first into a liquid and then into a delicious goo. We were at work in the kitchen … Continue reading

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