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Karak, Dana and Wadi Rum

Weekend #2 in Jordan was a road trip to the Wadi Rum desert. It was my first time renting and driving a car in a foreign country, but it had to be done as there is no easy way to … Continue reading

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Back in Boulder my free-time revolved around hiking, climbing and vinyasa. Since moving to Tunisia it’s changed to sleeping, eating and sitting in smoky cafes. Well, this past week I wanted to get back to my roots. Taking advantage of … Continue reading

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Kerkennah in the Spring

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Life in Sfax can be stressful… too many people, too many cars, too much noise. Whenever Mansour or I need to melt away some of that stress we take the one hour ferry to Kerkennah where we can sleep away the afternoon and … Continue reading

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5 hours in Nabheul

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Last week Mansour and I returned to the place where, you could say, it all started.. for an impromptu 5 hours in Nabheul, in Northern Tunisia. We got up early in the morning to catch the 5 am train and by 9 o’clock we were at the … Continue reading

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Djerba Revisited

Mansour and I got back a from honeymoon #2 (of 100) in Djerba. Our first honeymoon was action-packed but this time around we both just wanted to relax and enjoy each other. We spent 2 nights at the hotel Ksar … Continue reading

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The Sahara – Day 3

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Chebika, Tamerza, and Ong Jemal Our third day in Southern Tunisia, Christmas Eve, I changed my look for a 4×4 excursion deep into the desert.. Our first destination was a mountain oasis town called Chebika. Starting from the village, we … Continue reading

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The Sahara – Days 1 and 2

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Mansour and I just returned from an unforgettable 3 day trip to Sahara (honeymoon 1 of 100). Day 1: Matmata and Douz Early in the morning our bus rolled into the town of Matmata – where people build their houses … Continue reading

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Cap Bon Tour

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I am a little late to update on my week touring in and around Cap Bon, a peninsula in northeastern Tunisia, last month with my friends Nizar, Mehdi and Ramzi (pictured above). We based ourselves in Nabeul, so it was nice for me to … Continue reading

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Kerkennah is… (part 1)

A month after the accident and, hamdoullah, I am in good health. I am still wearing a brace as I wait for my bones to grow back together, but the pain and emotional strain is less and less. When I … Continue reading

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Another Perfect Sunset

Can’t get enough of them! From Kerkennah trip #3:

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