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Traditional Clothes Market

Jebbas, kachabiyas, kaftans and chechias… this is the traditional clothes market found in the medina of Sfax! Nowadays, traditional clothes are still worn in some regions of Tunisia and for special occassions such as weddings and religious holidays. Advertisements

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The 7 Day Wedding

A traditional Tunisian wedding spans 7 days with many different festivities. Last week I participated in two traditions – the henna party and the nzoul. The henna party took place on Thursday and I arrived at the bride’s family home … Continue reading

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Back “Home”

I’ll never forget discovering one of the world’s great cities with my Mom and sister: our daily fix of gelato, falling in love with fountains, and the characters we met (an Italian Ricky Martin, receiving my first kiss in months … Continue reading

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Traditional Clothes Party

And a video of the fashion show:

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If I were a Tunisian bride…

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