Ramadhan Table

Hi! Still here. For 4 more days anyway.

In the last months my biggest accomplishments have been building a magazine with my Access students and helping start-up an American Corner in Sfax with my partner Faouzi Hakim.

Yesterday was the beginning of Ramadhan, which is always an interesting time to be in Tunisia. We fasted from food and water until sunset and then shared a big family dinner together. Amel prepared chish (octopus soup), two types of brik (a thin pastry dough filled with different ingredients and fried), grilled vegetable salad (called slata mechouia), a pasta dish and some special sweets.

After such a long ride it feels unreal that I’ll be leaving next week. Looking forward to seeing all of you soon!

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4 Responses to Ramadhan Table

  1. bevie59 says:

    Boy that was a long ride…does seem like a long time ago that we had our big adventure to Denver, spent that evening in the hotel and tried to weigh that heavy suitcase 🙂 You have had a lot of life changes packed into two years! So looking forward to you coming home and bringing Mr. Mansour with you..Love, Mom

  2. Priscilla Gilmore says:

    Brittany, Yum. Great photo! Now, when I come to see you in Monterey, I would love to have one of those items! (After you both settle in, of course!) Have a great journey.
    Love, Aunt Priscilla

  3. Brittany you made our work look so easy. The magazine was great, and you certainly did a great job at the Franklin Center. I’m thankful for having such a good partner and a great friend. Happy Ramadan for you and Mansour and may ALLAH be with you guys.

  4. Cynthia Esgar says:

    We are counting the days until you arrive. Enjoy that nice first class ride. That’s the way to go on a long journey….Stay safe….see you Thursday……Love, Mimi

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