Rainy Days

I have my first ever ear infection and following doctor’s orders am staying home for 3 days. This happened to perfectly coincide with 3 very rain days in Sfax. Usually, when it rains the street in front of our neighborhood transforms into a muddy lake but this time around the rain is creeping up to our doorstep so that it feels like we’re living on an island. The military came today to pump the water into the city’s water belt as the rain continues.

The "lake" in front of our neighborhood.

My street.

Water being pumped.

So I guess it is as good a time as any to stay in bed all day with my husband watching movies! An additional surprise, this morning my brother-in-law/dog fanatic brought home a new cute puppy who is tiny enough to fit in a hand or a pocket. Meet 4 month old Tiger.

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