5 hours in Nabheul

Last week Mansour and I returned to the place where, you could say, it all started.. for an impromptu 5 hours in Nabheul, in Northern Tunisia. We got up early in the morning to catch the 5 am train and by 9 o’clock we were at the Hospital where I spent 5 days after our accident in July.

We were there to consult with a doctor for our insurance claim. I thought returning to the hospital would bring back bad memories, but to the contrary, I felt relaxed and found that much of the anxiety I’ve felt since the accident has disappeared. It’s true that time heals all! I’m happier now than I was before the accident, or have ever really been.

We left the hospital an hour later and had some time to kill before our train back to Sfax, so we discovered Nabheul beginning with the area just around the hospital – I was overcome by how green it is! A nice change from white and beige shades of Sfax…

We then made our way downtown to explore Nabheul’s medina, which is packed with artisinal stores and smooth-talking vendors trying to lure tourists into their shops. We saw a lot of beautiful things, but we were just looking. Sfax is really the best place to shop because it has the same products at non-tourist prices.

My favorite part of Nabheul was the architecture. There are a lot of beautiful mosques and old white-washed buildings with blue shutters and ceramic tiling.

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