Morning at the Beach

Yesterday I had the rare luxury of taking the day off since it was a national holiday. No studying, no teaching! Mansour and I decided to take Gucci with us to spend a morning at the beach. We live just minutes away from the ocean and it’s always an adventure to fit 2 people and a dog onto a motorbike!

We’ve had a few really cold weeks with lots of rain so it was nice to enjoy a few moments of sunshine. Gucci loves the beach because she finds lots of toys there, like old fishing net for tug-of-war, and sometimes other dogs to play with.

Gucci makes a (big) new friend!

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One Response to Morning at the Beach

  1. Bev Mullett says:

    I love to see a picture of you, Mansour and “Gucci” on the motor bike! Too funny!

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