Traditional Clothes Market

Jebbas, kachabiyas, kaftans and chechias… this is the traditional clothes market found in the medina of Sfax! Nowadays, traditional clothes are still worn in some regions of Tunisia and for special occassions such as weddings and religious holidays.

Shops in the traditional clothes market.

The barnous, on the left, is a light jacket used for cool weather. The kachabiya, on the right, is thicker and worn when the weather is cold. They are made from camel fur or sheep's wool.

Keftans come in many different colors and designs. They are worn for special occassions.

Chechias are traditional red felt hats worn by old men, especially when the weather is cold. Children also occasionally wear them for special occassions, such as a circumcision party or religious holiday.

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One Response to Traditional Clothes Market

  1. Bev Mullett says:

    I love your daily blog Britt….I hope you bring home a few Kaftans…they are beautiful!

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