Ship Building

My blog has been nominated for Lexiophile’s ‘Top 100 International eXchange and eXperience Blogs’. If you have enjoyed reading this blog please vote for me by clicking the button below. Then find the name of my blog Brittany in Tunisia (listed alphabetically), click on it and hit vote at the bottom of the list.

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In yesterday’s post, I took you to the port of Sfax and talked about the life of a fishing boat. Continuing from there, here are some pictures showing ships being built and old wood being replaced.

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2 Responses to Ship Building

  1. Kimberly says:

    Hi Brittany, congratulations on getting the blog recognition, I just voted for you! I’m looking forward to the daily pictures of life in Tunisia, as always, so interesting to see how others live.

    Love, Aunt Kim

  2. Ryma says:

    just voted 🙂 Good luck

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