February Photo Challenge

I’ve endeavored to post a photo every day (or at least most days) in February to illustrate everyday life in Tunisia, and particularly in Sfax.

I’m beginning this challenge with pictures from the fishing port in Sfax. Every now and then, Mansour and I get on our scooter and drive there to watch ships being built and fishermen unloading their nets,  or just admire the big fishing boats.

This is also where his father works managing three fishing boats. When the boats are out at sea, he stays in contact with them by phone and sends them anything they needs (food, tobacco, etc.) and when they come to shore he wakes up early at 3 am to receive them and take what they’ve caught to a company which buys the seafood to export to Spain. In the summer, the boats stop working for 3 months to allow the fish time to breed and grow for the next season. During this time, his father replaces any old wood on the boats and repaints them (he’s been doing this work since he was 12 years old).

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One Response to February Photo Challenge

  1. Priscilla Gilmore says:

    I am enjoying all of your photos! I’m fasinated by the places that you have visited….. My “armchair travels”, I call it! The way that you write helps me to visualize the spot.
    Be well!
    Love, Priscilla

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