My Proudest Day

Photo by Houcem Boudaya

Last Sunday was my proudest day as a teacher. The Access program held a cleaning and painting campaign to kick-start our second quarter and celebrate the one year anniversary of the revolution. I watched as my students worked together as a team to give their best effort in cleaning the street surrounding our school, then switched on their creativity and expressed themselves by painting a 100 meter cloth banner.

Read about it on the Access blog.

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2 Responses to My Proudest Day

  1. Priscilla Gilmore says:

    Congratulations, Brittany…you certainly live a very exciting life! Hope to meet with you sometime and hear about all of your adventures! (And meet Monsur). Did I mispell his name?

    Love, Aunt Priscilla

  2. Brittany says:

    You were close! It’s spelled Mansour and we hope to meet you too, someday soon :)!

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