Djerba Revisited

Mansour and I got back a from honeymoon #2 (of 100) in Djerba. Our first honeymoon was action-packed but this time around we both just wanted to relax and enjoy each other.

We spent 2 nights at the hotel Ksar Djerba, a wedding gift from my friend Mouna. Since we were on a tight budget we spent much of our time at the hotel, but we did venture out once to see the Lalla Hadria Museum and crocodile park. The Museum was truly exceptional and the best I’ve seen in Tunisia. It showcases Arab-Islamic arts such as calligraphy, ceramics, jewelry and woodwork.

Next door to the Museum is the crocodile park, home to 400 Nile crocodiles. I’ve never seen a crocodile up close before, but the park is set-up with many bridges for close viewing.

Happy New Years family and friends!

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  1. Access Team says:

    i’m waiting for the next trip with my honey

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