Sometimes change is good…

Hello faithful readers! Sorry for neglecting you lately, but I do have a lot to update you on! As there have been many important changes taking place in Tunisia with the elections there have also been many important changes taking place in my personal and professional life.

Last year I learned how to teach and this year I am hoping to refine my teaching skills as I continue to challenge myself and define my pedagogic style. I’m teaching a variety of classes as I did last year and I’ve also taken on a big responsibility in coordinating for the ACCESS Program at Schooling Plus. We are receiving money from the US Embassy for a two-year program to teach underprivileged children in Sfax. Along with English lesssons I’ll be planning weekly cultural events as well as activities to promote leadership and citizenship. Next week we’re carving pumpkins! I’m managing a team of Tunisian teachers to accomodate over 100 students, the best of which will have an opportunity to travel to the United States at the end of the program.

My personal life hasn’t changed much, or maybe it has… As I hinted at in my last post, I have found a great love and we are growing as a couple and starting to dream up a future together. I’m counting my blessings because I find myself surrounded with love here in Sfax. I have wonderful colleagues, students and friends. I also just moved into a brand-new apartment with my American friend and colleague Sarah several weeks ago, which is conveniently located two floors above work. I’ll post pictures soon!

I’m a much different girl from the one who arrived here one year ago. Much has happened to me and much has happened to Tunisia. But to quote my BFF Dana and to sum things up for you, coming to Tunisia=best decision ever.

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One Response to Sometimes change is good…

  1. Katie says:

    I like the line “Much has happened to me and much has happened to Tunisia.” Good changes, both. How did the elections end up?

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