Thank you Tunisia

I have had a lot of people telling me lately to update my blog! Last time I spoke to you it was the beginning of August and I was embarking on my first Ramadan – the Islamic month of fasting. I survived and found fasting to be easier than expected, at least the not eating part… some days I really struggled with not drinking water in the heat of summer.

My favorite part of Ramadan was the big family dinners enjoyed together every night at sunset. After dinner the nights came alive with people and I was at the cafe nightly with friends smoking shisha and drinking fresh-squeezed juice. After completing the 30 days, Sfaxiens celebrate the small Eid by eating chermoula and salty fish:

And now (1+ years later) here I am, I’m still here… The original plan for Tunisia was 6 months, which then became 1 year and now I’ve signed on for another year of teaching. I can’t tell you exactly what it is that is keeping me here, but at several moments along the way I was guided by an intuitive feeling. And if I consider how much I have gained in the past months alone I find reason in my being here in this accidental city. I arrived with next to nothing and now I can count among my possessions 3 families (1 from Bizerte, 1 from Sfax, and 1 from Kerkennah), 1 wonderful boyfriend (who knew breaking someone’s nose was a shortcut to love?), 1 very cute puppy, and many lifelong friends. For these reasons I can say: thank you, Tunisia.

On a less sentimental note, I’m not sure how much I will be updating my blog this year or in what shape the blog will take. I’d recommend everyone who is interested to subscribe to the blog to receive an email when a new post is added.

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3 Responses to Thank you Tunisia

  1. Bev Mullett says:

    I must say that food really does not look good….the boyfriend and puppy are adorable! I wish you many happy moments in your 2nd year in Tunisia.

    Love you sweet girl! Mom

  2. Katie says:

    Yay new blog post! Creepy potato man is very convincing. You look so happy and healthy, and the puppy is adorable. I do hope you continue to update this regularly, we all crave the pictures and words you share (even questionable sounding food dishes). I miss you very very much. Call me soon!

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