Cap Bon Tour

I am a little late to update on my week touring in and around Cap Bon, a peninsula in northeastern Tunisia, last month with my friends Nizar, Mehdi and Ramzi (pictured above). We based ourselves in Nabeul, so it was nice for me to see more of the city than its hospital. I have posted photos and I thought I’d share some of my favorites here.


Somehow I lived in Tunisia for nearly a year without a trip to the capital. So we spent a day visiting its most famous suburbs, including…

Sidi Bou Said




Monastir is a small, ancient city with a beautiful Ribat and Mausoleum for Tunisia’s first president, Bourghuiba.

Cap Bon

Cap Bon has some of the most inspiring views I’ve laid eyes on in Tunisia. We watched giant waves crash into the shore with a view of Zembra and Zembretta islands in the distance at Tunisia’s northernmost point, El Hawaria; climbed a giant Byzantine fortress in Kelibia; swam in the hot-spring waters of Korbous which fall into the sea; and discovered many beautiful beaches along the way.

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4 Responses to Cap Bon Tour

  1. Todd says:

    Great photos, absolutely beautiful views and amazing architecture.

  2. wow wow WOW! I love that cliff! How beautiful!!! xx

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