Why I love teaching in Tunisia…

Because Tunisian students are the best in the world! Maybe I’m biased, but a group of my students surprised me today with a certificate made out to Ms. Brittany in “Recognition of her Excellent Teaching Skills and Ability to Inspire Creative Thinking” along with a gift of beautiful blue traditional clothing, which I am modeling below with my students.

At the core of my happiness here has really been the teaching – interacting with my students and learning from them just as much as they have learned from me, constantly trying to better myself as a teacher and being open to new challenges. I have taught children, adults, engineers, business professionals, professors, all levels, and my biggest challenge yet – rethinking traditional teaching methods to help a mute student with very limited mobility to learn English. What originated as a means to see the world has transformed into a true passion and I can honestly say that at some point in the past 9 months I have actually become a teacher (thank you AIESEC and Schooling Plus!).

Our teaching semester has come to an end and tomorrow we are throwing a big end of the year party to give our kids a chance to perform the songs they have learned throughout the semester. The summer schedule starts Monday and two (very hot!!) months of teaching are ahead of me with a whole crop of new students to get to know.

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One Response to Why I love teaching in Tunisia…

  1. Bev Mullett says:

    What a wonderful gift.and you look beautiful in blue…I’m so proud of you…enjoy the heat!

    xoxoxoxo Mom

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