It’s May…

I have been so busy as of late that I hadn’t even noticed it was May. May means my 8 month mark in Tunisia and my 26th birthday are just around the corner…

Last night, after stuffing myself with seafood lasagna for dinner, I found myself walking aimlessly around a dead-quite Sfax with a friend and reflecting on how bizarre it is that the Universe has landed me in this unknown city and, until recently, a largely unknown country in North Africa.

Since arriving here I’ve cut back little by little on scheming for my life and have thus found myself completely content in the not-knowing. For months I have flip-flopped on my summer plans – whether I should stay in Tunisia or return home to Colorado. I had all but decided to move back to the States for the summer when it hit me one morning that this wasn’t at all what I wanted. I have built a foundation here and staying for the summer means that I can put up the walls: building on friendships, my abilities as a teacher, and the language; and on equal measure allowing myself the pleasure of traveling and experiencing – two important things which I haven’t had time in the past months to schedule in. Things like learning how to cook Tunisian dishes, listening to a symphony in El-Jem’s Roman colosseum, going fishing in a fleuka in Kerkennah, having a real conversation in Arabic, experiencing a seven-day wedding, going camping in the Sahara…

So I am officially turning 26 and staying in Tunisia for the summer which brings me both great joy and a touch of sadness, because I really do miss home (and peanut butter, which I ran out of a few weeks ago). When the nostalgia starts creeping up I remind myself that even when seperated by great distances and lengths of time, friends and family are like latitudes and longitudes, never too far from the heart or mind.

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4 Responses to It’s May…

  1. abdelhedi says:

    A friend with a red Tee-shirt :p

  2. Todd says:

    We will miss you coming home this summer. I wonder if we can ship peanut butter over there, hmmm. Happy early Birthday Brittany, stay safe and have a wonderful time.

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