Back “Home”

I’ll never forget discovering one of the world’s great cities with my Mom and sister: our daily fix of gelato, falling in love with fountains, and the characters we met (an Italian Ricky Martin, receiving my first kiss in months from a 60-year-old artist in Assisi, being scolded by our Bed&Breakfast matriarch…).

Alas, everything has an end and arriving back in Tunisia felt like drifting out of one dream and into another. One minute I’m getting lost in the streets of Rome and the next I’m attending a circumcision after-party in Bizerte and playing the part (again) of a Tunisian bride – only this time I’m from the region of Mahdia instead of Sfax.

Six months ago this scene would have felt very strange: receiving henna and harkous tattoos, playing dress-up, and dancing badly to traditional music in a stranger’s living room. However, from the moment I stepped off the plane and back onto Tunisian soil I’ve felt very much at home. And after having to say tearful goodbyes at an airport (rushed and awkwardly in front of an Italian-speaking driver)… home is a very nice feeling to have.

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3 Responses to Back “Home”

  1. Katie says:

    I would like to see some photos of your tattoos! And hear more about what such a party entails…or maybe not. And next time you find yourself dancing to traditional music in a stranger’s living room, please have someone tape you and post that as well! Miss you so much already. Love, Katie

  2. Todd says:

    Love the outfit, you look so thrilled, especially with the little drum. I would second Katie’s idea of taping the dancing as it would really show off your mad dancing skills.


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