Italy Day 1

This morning I was reunited with my Mom and sister in the Fiumicino airport in Rome. We’re in Italy for a week during Katie’s Spring Break staying in the Villino Cecilia, a bed & breakfast which is a stone’s throw away from the Vatican. We picked it mostly because the owners have a cute puppy!

Katie and Mom spent their first day battling jet lag (it was 12 hours of flying for them, just 2 for me) and exploring our neighborhood, which happened to be the setting of a big marathon today.

The highlights today were sitting on the steps in St. Peter’s square admiring the Basilica and listening to the Pope perform Mass, cappuccinos and cannolis in the cafe, and a relaxing evening spent catching up over a cheap bottle of wine.

I’ll try to update each day during our trip. Buona Notte…

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One Response to Italy Day 1

  1. Sana says:

    Thnx britt for the pic! Im enjoying ur trip as well :)) miss u! even Basma, raja, hassen all teachers n members of schooling miss u
    Take care

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