Saturday Mornings

From the beginning my biggest challenge has been my 3 hour Saturday morning class with 17 slightly spoiled, attention-deficite 5-7 year olds. They might look cute but this class has been a true test of my patience and endurance. After two months stuck on the alphabet and colors and cycling through three different co-teachers, I finally feel that my friend Sana and I have accomplished mission impossible!

In my opinion, the key to success with young learners is creativity. The interactive Smartboard has been a great tool for introducing flashcards, games and songs. Last Saturday we revised parts of the body with a “Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes” video.

We also look for fun worksheets. After revising parts of the body we introduced farm animals and had the kids work on a matching and drawing worksheet.

Finally, during the break we taught them how to play Duck, Duck Goose.

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4 Responses to Saturday Mornings

  1. bri says:

    Aww Brit! You are doing such an amazing job as a teacher/friend/inspiration! I am so proud of you! xoxoxox

  2. wafa says:

    Keep up the great work Britany!!!!

  3. Sana says:

    loool!! Believe Me I missed that class today though they r naughty! I realized that I loooove them n enjoy teaching them!! may be it sounds weird but I Kept thinking about it…..

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