Fragments of a Post-Revolution Tunisia

Yesterday, as I was helping my friend Paul box-up books in his apartment, we watched three separate manifestations march past our balcony. On Monday, University students across Tunisia began an open strike and aren’t attending courses until changes are made in the government. I ran into an old student this morning who told me that workers at Serept, an offshore drilling company where I used to teach twice a week, are on strike demanding that the big boss steps down. I then met a friend at the cafe where we were politely told by our waiter that we were welcome to stay but the staff was on strike so we wouldn’t be served anything. 

There are countless stories such as these: small struggles, big struggles, whispers and roars. And as things here remain uncertain, we watch the world around us changing at whirlwind speed…

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3 Responses to Fragments of a Post-Revolution Tunisia

  1. Todd says:

    Excellent reporting, thanks for keeping us all up to date. Stay safe!

    • Brittany says:

      Thanks Uncle Todd! I’ve found it difficult to convey all that I’ve felt and experienced through the past two months and I know I should be writing a lot more often.. Sometimes pictures say more than words, so I’ve started bringing my camera with me wherever I go to take more pictures. The two new pictures were taken today while I was downtown.

  2. Todd says:

    Amazing shots, great idea about keeping your camera with you. It really seems strange to think that you are there and have experienced first hand what we can only read about. Hope all is well, look forward to reading more and seeing you when you get home.

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