Manifestations in Sfax

Have you ever ridden in a Gravitron at the carnival? It’s the UFO-shaped ride in which you lean against a padded wall as you spin at so fast a speed that your feet are lifted off the floor, hence the name… That’s a little bit what the past weeks felt like for me: we were all momentarily suspended streaming light and now we’re grounded again, looking at each other in slight disbelief.

Normal is slowly creeping back into our lives – a later curfew, families walking the streets, shops open, Sfaxiens back to being workaholics and students returning to school. I’m singing the ABCs again but now teaching feels just a little bit different because when I look at the faces of my students I know that their future has careened like a ship coming out of a storm.

And now, daily peaceful manifestations in Sfax – people gathering in big and small groups with a single message: dégage. This is what freedom looks like:

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One Response to Manifestations in Sfax

  1. Adam says:

    Be safe! Strangely enough, the sights make me miss North Africa, though…

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