Speak Up!

I have been scrabbling over what to write on this blog as I am just one small voice trying to grasp a very big movement. So I have asked my friends to help me, and to exercise their newly won freedom of speech! These are the messages they wish to send to you about their country and its struggle for freedom. I will continue to update as I receive them…

Revolution is a little step to freedom, but the road is longer and harder. You can’t live it if you don’t try.

After the Statue of Liberty in the United States, we decided to make another one in my lovely country. So if you want to know about Tunisian freedom, just take a glance.

It’s a transitional period in which Tunisia is hoping that tomorrow will be better, and it certainly will!

After the escape of Ben Ali the people no longer want a government which is connected with the ex-president. It’s for this that the people make a revolution: to protest the government and to search for a better one.

I’m very happy because Tunisian people are making a difference and the last president (dictator) was excluded… I think that Tunisians, especially youth, are cultivated, aware and love their country very much and they will make the revolution of our country nchallah… Concerning the current situation, you know after the change we have many problems but all Tunisians are helping each other to resolve them and everything will be good in the next days. I’m proud of being Tunisian.

What is happening now in Tunisia could be named the Freedom Revolution. All stories have an end and after 23 years Ben Ali has met his end. ITS TIME TO MAKE A REACTION. This riot started with one man who lit himself on fire in protest. This action motivated us to react and nowadays WE ARE THE DECISION MAKERS. Now we will choose our leaders.
Tunisia is and will stay the country of freedom and the country where you can live with respect.

This was a revolution against dictatorship and corruption. The Tunisian people have shown an example for the Arab world. No more dictators! Ben Ali has fallen. An Arab dictator of 23 years has turned out to be removable by a popular insurrection. This is a historic first for the entire region. Take a breath people… We are living history!!! We are proud to be Tunisians…

It s a very delicate period for our country and I hope that we will make the best out of it and that we find the right path to follow.

Our country and its people want peace. We are kind, generous and courageous. We resisted tyranny and injustice for 23 years. We hope to put the fugitive Ben Ali, his wife, the Trabelsi family and all of those who participated in the theft of money and corruption of our country before a judge. Finally, I offer my condolence to the families of martyrs. I congratulate our Tunisian people, and God be with us.

Finally we breathe freedom! We were not able to say a word in the face of a dictator, we were suffering! Life was expensive and they stole money from our salaries… only the gang of the ex-president were enjoying life. Now, and even after his escape, the dictator has stolen our joy of pushing him out of the republic! He gave orders for revenge on the Tunisian people with fear and crime. The new government is not perfectly new because they are still some old faces from the RCD. We don’t trust them because they had power and didn’t say NO to the criminal Ben Ali. Our joy will be completed by punishing Ben Ali and his gang. We are waiting for a great tomorrow full of justice, equalities, job opportunities and FREEDOM!

The situation in Tunisia is a bit sensitive! Our situation is akin to what is happening in other Arabic countries, but what we did has never happened in those other countries. The choice of the president will be a very important event which will either put an end to every form of oppression and corruption or will allow it to still continue. I hope the following days will spring on our Tunisia to make it freer with a president who understand the needs of his people!

Among these unfortunate situations, I feel lucky to be here to watch the revolution of Tunisia. Tunisia is in a time of change.

If you want to make change start with yourself, but remember REAL changes require time!

The following is an essay titled “Yes We Do”.

I’m 29 years old, and I never thought that one day I would see more than 20,000 demonstrators in my own city, Sfax, and more than 40,000 in the capital , or that I would be exposed to shooting and the sound of army helicopters in my peaceful and calm country. It was out of question to belive that the iron and rigid political system of Ben Ali would be one day removed, but that is what happened within less than one month.

It was a dream-like state. I was very happy to see the president losing one day after another his control over the street anger, and I didn’t miss the opportunity, on January 14th, to join my compatriots in the street and ask loudly and freely the president: “We don’t want reduction in food prices, we don’t need employment, we don’t need freedom of expression anymore, WE JUST NEED YOU OUT.” That day I felt so relieved and relaxed because I never imagined my self to be able to say things like that loudly and freely . It was a very touching and moving moment. It was a historical day which caused the president to leave the country at 5 pm.

The two nights after the president’s leave, I had an unsual feeling. I was neither happy nor sad. The very chaotic situation, the declaration of a state of emergency, and curfew led me to ask myself : where are we going ???

Two days after, the situation was still chaotic, and Tunisians spent the day in the street manifesting about the temporary government. They asked for the dissolution of the previous political party, and asked the media to show the pictures of the arrested president’s family (brothers of the president’s wife) who were accused of corruption. At night, and under the curfew, almost all men from each city spent their night outside to help the soldiers to arrest suspicious cars belonging to the security force of the previous president and who caused horror and chaos to citizens.

Even though, the situation is still not stable, I feel so happy because I had the opportunity to see and hear, for the first time, my compatriots express themselves freely on the TV, on the internet, everywhere. God bless Mohamed Bouazizi, who burned himself and was the starting point to this revolution, the martyrs, and technology (social networks, ALjazira, wikileaks, etc.) which helped Tunisians to see the truth.

We have taken back our dignity and freedom and this is enough for me because I know what it means to be forbidden from saying your opinion objectively and freely about your government. What it means to pay an internet bill while the government continues censoring many websites (youtube, dailymotion, wat Tv, Aljazira, wikileaks, etc….). what it means to have non-transparent public media which allies to the governing political party and a fully supports its corrupt political system…..
We are born free and we will stay free……. Long Live Freedom, Long Live Democracy, LONG LIVE TUNISIA!!

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2 Responses to Speak Up!

  1. Bev Mullett says:

    I imagine that if our country was going through this I would have a lot of the same feelings your friends have….god bless them all.

  2. Todd Demers says:

    Hope all is well there, trying to keep tabs and see what is going on is sketchy right now. Stay safe!

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