Amid the Chaos

Those who are interested can keep up-to-date with Tunisia’s current situation with the BBC’s live text commentary.

I’m not ready to write about my opinion and reaction to the chaos which has materialized around me. I will say that I have been riding on a wave of emotions the past few days. I have felt at times exhilirated, inspired, bored (sitting at home for 3 days), disturbed, and today fearful (not for my safety.. but of that remote possibility my government might ask me to leave?); but above all, I feel patriotic.

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2 Responses to Amid the Chaos

  1. lauratdot says:

    Thinking of you Brittany! We’re hearing stuff all over the news… but you know how it’s never a clear representation of what’s actually happening. Stay positive xx

  2. Todd Demers says:

    Just read about the issue this morning, hope all is well is Sfax. I know that what is happening in one location is not necessarily true in others. Anytime there is political turmoil things get dangerous. Please stay as safe as you can.


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