Adventures on the High Seas

This past Monday I was back on the ferry to Kerkennah but this time with my friend Nihel and her mother. It began as a beautiful day, so Nihel and I leaned against the railing and watched the sea stretch out before us for the one-hour trip. Once there, we took a taxi to the family home and her mother set to work preparing our lunch as we took a short walk through palm tree forest.

Lunch was served on a small wooden table in a dusty courtyard – fried fish, frites, and a spicy tomato sauce with dried mutton from the Eid. It was delicious and I’d like to do all my traveling from now on with a Tunisian mother…

Bellies full, our taxi driver du jour picked us up and took us to the Jerf – an area on the coast, quite literally off the beaten-path, which we had completely to ourselves. We took full advantage of this with a photo shoot. Our taxi driver, perhaps never having operated a camera in his life, snapped several pictures of his own eye with the camera turned backwards and mistaking the lens for the peephole.. a wonderful man to have met though, and he has given us his mobile number for all our future transportation needs on the island.

We made it back to the ferry dock in time for the 4 pm departure, however due to high winds (did I fail to mention that our beautiful morning had turned turbulent?) our scheduled departure was delayed until further notice. Two hours later we boarded the ferry and slowly made our way back to Sfax, all the while battling gravity and sea-sickness.

Worth it though, don’t you think?

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