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Adventures on the High Seas

This past Monday I was back on the ferry to Kerkennah but this time with my friend Nihel and her mother. It began as a beautiful day, so Nihel and I leaned against the railing and watched the sea stretch … Continue reading

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Making Dawara

Step 1: Clean out the stomach and intestines. Step 2: Combine ingredients in a very large bowl: spices, harissa, green onions, chickpeas, grains, vegetables, meat and organs. Step 3: Stuff intestines/stomach with mixture and sew closed. Step 4: Cook dawara in … Continue reading

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The Eid

Tuesday morning I woke early pulsating with excitement. I was back in Bizerte in a crowded apartment with a family of 10 and a full day’s work ahead. We had two sheep to kill, clean and cook. Our dinner was … Continue reading

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Poor Dolly

It is an interesting time in Tunisia – it’s Eid week. The past few weeks there has been a steadily increasing number of sheep in truck-beds zooming around town. I’ve been approached on the street by a man trying to … Continue reading

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Borj Kallel (x2)

On Thursday, after playing dress-up, I went with Sana and Wafa to discover the Borj Kallel – a historic 19th century home which now occupies a cultural center. The courtyard has been converted into an open space for creating art – the space is free to use … Continue reading

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If I were a Tunisian bride…

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Against the warning of a friend, I terrorized the villagers last night (it was just a coincidence that it happened on Halloween night). It was through a series of events – a cancelled vacation, filling in for absent teachers, new classes – that … Continue reading

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