Finding Beauty

Sfax is not an outwardly beautiful city; rather it is practical and self-effacing. The buildings here employ a color palette of white and beige, trash cans go largely unused, and I haven’t yet found a grassy park in which I can escape the bustling traffic and crowded walkways. Many cities in Tunisia have a thriving tourist industry, but Sfax serves only its own – the businessmen, the students, the families. Ironically, the largest tourist draw here is the medina because it is untouched by tourism and therefore offers travelers an authentic shopping experience.

I think the challenge for all of us is to find beauty everywhere, to seek it out. Beauty in my city can be found in the smallest of details.. a cluster of brightly colored flowers spilling over a wall, a minaret, or something as simple as a cactus in bloom.

And then there are the bigger, more obvious images which capture my attention. I find myself repeatedly drawn back to the old city walls that surround the medina and imagining all that they have witnessed – from the French colonial empire, to bombings during World War II, to present day. That they have witnessed and survived so much history is truly beautiful.

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2 Responses to Finding Beauty

  1. Cynthia Esgar says:

    Good morning, Britt….I love your blog …you are an amazing writer. You are right about finding beauty in the simplest things. I think the cactus picture is gorgeous and your description of the choc. croissants makes my mouth water. I wish you could bring some back with you.
    We are expecting Bryan & Mitsuko in a day or so…they left yesterday. It’s a bit cooler today. My little deer brought her fawn by the other day, and looked up at my kitchen window as if to say “Look, here’s my baby!!”
    Have a great week…you are loved a lot….Mimi

  2. Bev Mullett says:

    I too love the cactus picture! It’s amazing how different SFAX is from ol’ Colorado….I love the history of old countries. Miss you..Mom

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