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The Unadventures of Miss Brittany

You know how you really know that you are in love when you start randomly breaking out into laughter, find yourself smiling thoughtlessly, and even your voice takes on a new tone? Well, it has happened to me… I’ve fallen … Continue reading

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Dar Djellouli and the Kasbah

I have already proclaimed my love for the Medina in Sfax, and today my adoration grew two-fold after visiting Dar Djellouli and the Kasbah. I was fortunate to have 3 tour guides, my co-worker Sana and her sisters. Their assistance was … Continue reading

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Teaching and Family Life

I finally feel settled into a routine at Schooling Plus, so I thought it an appropriate time to talk about my experience teaching in Tunisia thus far! The center itself is run by three highly successful women, which I really like. … Continue reading

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Finding Beauty

Sfax is not an outwardly beautiful city; rather it is practical and self-effacing. The buildings here employ a color palette of white and beige, trash cans go largely unused, and I haven’t yet found a grassy park in which I … Continue reading

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One Month Mark

As of today I have been living in Tunisia for one month! In reflection, my new life here bears not a single resemblance to the one that I left behind in Colorado – I share the street that I live … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Football

Last night I went to a football match (my first ever professional football match!) with two former students, Ahmed and Mohammed. Our team, Club Sportif Sfaxien was playing an Egyptian team in the CAF Cup. From the moment we arrived, … Continue reading

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