Sunday in the Souq

I spent the day sight-seeing around Sfax with my friend Said. Having lived in this city for over 2 weeks now it was so nice to finally spend a day snapping pictures and playing tourist! We started off with a visit to a traditional souq (marketplace) where you can buy just about anything – electronics, second-hand clothes, household goods, chickens, motorcycles, spices… Shopping here is such an adventure!

I was in the market for a couscousiere, a special pot used to make couscous, but walked away empty-handed because I couldn’t find one small enough to reasonably fit into my suitcase! I’ll keep searching!

After leaving the souq we headed to the city center to escape the heat for a while in Cafe Diwan – a very traditional cafe built into one of the Medina ramparts.


Now I’m in yet another cafe winding down my day with a football match and an espresso. It’s now evening in Tunisia, but in America you are just beginning your day so I’ll end this post with the message written on my breakfast crepe from Petit Paris this morning:

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