First Impressions of Sfax

Aslema from Sfax! Sfax is Tunisia’s second largest city and located in the southeast part of the country. I arrived on Monday and was taken to my new home, an appartment near the downtown. At the moment I have one Japanese roomate, Akiko, who is very shy but always smiling! If any more interns arrive in the next months they will move in with us, so our house could grow at anytime. The aparment is nice and more modern than my expectations. The only nuances are the laundry machine and the shower. To take a hot shower I have to plug in the water heater on the patio and wait an hour, and even after I have done this I only get a trickle of water but I’ve been able to make due! The LAUNDRY MACHINE is the absolute bane of my existance.. to do laundry I have to first drag the machine out onto the patio where the water can drain into a pipe, then I have to manually add the water from our slow kitchen faucet (takes at least 4 trips, 20 minutes). The dryer doesn’t work so everything is hung on a line – an inconvenient fact I learned after washing my bed sheets last night! I really can’t complain though, the apartment is very nice and always filled with AIESECers so that I have constant company.

I won’t start work until Friday but have been busy the past few days helping the local AIESEC chapter recruit new members at the university. It reminds me of the hours I spent hanging up flyers and running information sessions in college… I love it!

I am in love with every part of Tunisia I have experienced so far, with the exception of one thing… the TRAFFIC! It is crazy, madness – no rules and not a single traffic light or crosswalk in the whole city. I will have to get used to it though because crossing the street and taking taxis will become part of my daily existance.

The internet in my apartment is currently not working but is in the process of getting fixed so in the next couple of days I will be able to start updating more frequently and posting some pictures. I can send and receive text messages for free from this number: (720)-388-6443. I would absolutely love to keep in touch with everyone this way, so please drop me a line!

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2 Responses to First Impressions of Sfax

  1. Cynthia Esgar says:

    Now you get an idea of what our Great Grandmother’s had to do to get the laundry done….Monday, all day, was wash day, Tuesday, all day was ironing day….etc. etc….It’s a cute apartment….Don’t like the idea of you crossing those crazy streets…just be very careful. Everything looks just the same over there. Is everything white and blue? The family looks very nice and pleasant.. I think Mitsuko had a friend named Kiko. Did you tell her that you had a Japanese aunt? Your teaching job will be great and it’s nice you teach different ages….Love you, Mimi

    • mbtaipei says:

      It is so funny you mention that because that is exactly what it feels like.. being a couple of generations behind! Everything is for the most part white and blue and natural colors. Some of the buildings here are very modern, I’ll try to take some pictures of Sfax this weekend to give you an idea of the architecture.

      My Japanese roomate left last week and moved to the capital, Tunis, where she will be studying Arabic. Now the apartment is a bit lonely but hopefully more AIESECers will be moving in soon!

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